Suggestions and Complaints

If you have a complaint, compliment or suggestion about any aspect of our services we're keen to hear from you.

Consumer protection

TAFE NSW has a reputation as a safe, progressive and dynamic place to study. TAFE NSW aims to provide an environment to support quality vocational education and training to benefit individuals, industry, business and the wider community.

As a TAFE NSW student you have the right to:

  • expect that the education and training will be consistent with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) regulations and Smart and Skilled Contract requirements
  • be informed about personal information that is collected about you and the right to review and correct that information
  • access to TAFE NSW feedback and complaints handling process.

With rights come responsibilities and as a student in TAFE NSW your responsibilities include:

  • providing accurate and complete information to TAFE NSW
  • behaving in a responsible and ethical manner.

For your enquiries in relation to consumer protection matters please contact:

Director Education Services

Phone:  (02) 42 222 908


Our commitment to you

We will deal with your issue thoroughly and fairly. We have a clear process for resolving problems and suggest you contact us as early as possible.

We value your feedback

We are constantly improving the way we work, so let us know if you have any suggestions, compliments or complaints. Your feedback will help staff to meet expectations, remedy problems and improve systems. The suggestion or complaint can be about any aspect of the service provided or not provided; the behaviour or decisions of staff; or about workplace practices, policies or procedures.

We'd also like to know if you think we're doing something well. It helps us to make sure we continue to do great things in public education and training. We'll make sure your message is passed on.

How to make a complaint or suggestion

During your time studying with TAFE NSW, you might have a concern about your course, your teachers, other TAFE NSW staff or our policies and procedures.

If you have a complaint it is a good idea to report it as soon as possible. This way, it won't escalate unnecessarily into a bigger problem.

Who can help you?

If you have a problem or complaint, you may report it to any staff member and it will be dealt with confidentially and promptly.

We suggest that you see someone you know. Most concerns can be solved by talking to a staff member at your TAFE NSW location, because they know your situation and can respond to your concerns promptly. Your teacher is the best person to talk to, however, depending on the situation you may prefer to contact the Head Teacher in charge of your course, a Counsellor, or the Campus Manager.

If you prefer, any of the following people will be happy to discuss the problem with you, in person or over the phone:

  • The Head Teacher in charge of your course
  • TAFE Counsellor
  • Campus Managers
  • Special needs support staff
  • Customer Service Centre staff

You can find out the contact details by asking a staff member at the Customer Service Centre, by calling 131 601.

When should you report your problem or complaint?

Report the problem or complaint as soon as possible so we can act on your concerns quickly and resolve any issues in a timely manner.

What will happen next?

If you make a complaint/suggestion to a staff member (be it in person, in writing or over the phone) that person may ask you to fill out the following Complaint/Suggestion Form, which ensures your concern receives the appropriate attention.

We will try to solve the problem in consultation with you immediately, but if we can’t, we will make arrangements for you to speak to the most appropriate person.

We will get back to you as quickly as possible to let you know what action is being taken.

If you’re still dissatisfied you may wish to talk to a senior member of TAFE NSW staff.

Whatever the problem or complaint, you can feel confident that we will do our best to address it.

What if I am still not satisfied with the outcome?

If you are not happy with the result, you may ask for a review of your complaint by contacting the Deputy Regional General Manager.

If you still feel that you haven't been treated fairly or that the result is unreasonable, you may wish to seek a review from an independent organisation.  External bodies that may be able to assist include:

NSW Ombudsman
Ph: 02 9286 1000
NSW Ombudsmen

Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW
Ph: 02 9268 5555
Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW