Recognition services

Got the skills? Get the recognition.

Got the experience? Get the recognition through our Recognition Services.

TAFE NSW's Recognition Services enable an individual's relevant skills and knowledge gained from their previous education, training, work or life experience to be accredited, or count towards the completion of a nationally recognised qualification.

Recognition offers many benefits to you and your employees as it:

  • formally acknowledges your employees competency in their jobs
  • reduces the time it takes your staff to complete all or part of their qualification
  • reduces the cost to your business
  • identifies skills gaps that can be addressed by training

Commercial Recognition

TAFE NSW can provide a service for employers whereby existing employees can undergo a recognition assessment for previous formal or informal learning and experiences for up to and including 100 per cent of a TAFE NSW course or qualification.

Your business can use this service to formally acknowledge employee competence in their jobs as well as identify skill gaps. Where gaps are identified, TAFE NSW can then develop a customised training program to ensure your staff possess the required skills and knowledge for your business to succeed and grow.

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