TAFE NSW Illawarra and jobactive

jobactive is a Government initiative that connects job seekers with employers. jobactive providers are interested in training opportunities to upskill or re-skill their clients (job seekers).

TAFE NSW Illawarra teamed up with Hunter Institute and the jobactive provider, Salvation Army Employment Plus to submit a tender for the provision of services under the jobactive program in November 2014 across the Capital region (including Cooma, Goulburn, Queanbeyan and Yass). Salvation Army Employment Plus was successful and as a result, TAFE NSW Illawarra is the first choice for this jobactive provider to provide training for their clients.

These courses include the White Card, Forklift Tickets, RSA, RCG, Skills for Work and Training, and others courses you have available now or may have in the near future.

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TAFE Illawarra’s jobactive newsletters provide information about short courses that can lead to job outcomes. Click to download.

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